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Fripp Island boasts a 3-1/2 mile beach with wide expanses of soft sand and spectacular ocean vistas as far as the eye can see. Every beach and water sport and leisure activity is right here for you.

Play golf on two beautiful championship courses. Get a game of tennis at the Racquet Club. Tour the island by golf carts, mopeds or bicycles. Stroll along quiet paths and enjoy the beauty of vacationing in a wildlife sanctuary.

If your passion is water sports, the surrounding waters beckon you by kayak or skiff, canoe or cruiser. Or just relax by the side of one of our many pools at the end of a day in the sun.

Fripp Island welcomes you to fill your days with activities or, do nothing at all. You’ll find the pace here is the one that you set in this idyllic setting where golf carts provide the major mode of transportation. Surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and the gentle sounds of the ocean, you’ll soon discover why Fripp Island has lured travelers to its shores over the years.
Hollywood has found Fripp Island fascinating as well. In fact, it was the Ocean Creek venue and the surrounding tidal marsh that was used as a film set for both Forrest Gump and Disney’s The Jungle Book! Additionally, Jacques Cousteau has said that Ocean Creek is framed by some of the world’s most fertile and pristine salt marshes.

It’s all here on Fripp Island.

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Fripp Island RealtorAbout Me, Sandy White, Realtor.

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There is a long list of properties that are available in the Fripp Island and Harbor Island area and that list keeps growing and changing all the time.  When you add the options of building, renovating, and updating, the possibilities for lowcountry living are practically endless.

I’ld love to talk with you and discuss any plans or dreams that you are considering, or simply answer any questions you may have.  I guartantee that I can give you some insight into these islands that will be of immediate interest to you.  I can help narrow the list to streets, areas and views that are a fit to your mindset, saving you time and energy.  It will allow you to make the most progress you can in the search time you have.  If you are still shaping your mindset, we can explore just enough variety to clear up your goals.

Real estate has always been a passion of mine.  With encouragement from my old broker and several other Fripp Island property owners, I decided to get my license and put my experience and love for real estate to work.  After dealing with real estate agents (on both sides of the fence) on multiple property transactions, all across South Carolina, I have a good idea of what you are looking for in an agent.  I understand the type of relationship you are hoping to find with a person that will be a partner with you in the quest you have chosen.

Part of that relationship is certainly representation.  If we team up, I would represent you (not the interest of the company or the interest of the deal) and take my instructions and priorities from you.  Another part is communication. I have seen , first hand, the difference and the advantage that timely notification, timely response and punctual follow up make in the process of buying and selling or renting a home.  Another trait that should be on your list is a respect for the ethics of this industry.  This part is quite simple, I understand ethics in real estate, respect them and expect that understanding and respect from fellow professionals in this field of trade.  Perhaps the last trait is pure drive.  There is work to do in the search and negotiation and closing of any real estate transaction.  The work is a priority and it isn’t in me to let the work sit and wait to be handled.  I get right to it.

My family and I have been part of Fripp Island and the Beaufort, SC, Lowcountry area for almost twenty years, as visitors, as vacationers, as renters, as homeowners, and as landlords and vacation rental managers.  I understand what brings you to the islands and what brings you back.  The draw and the magic of this special corner of the world is the main element of any plan to buy or sell or rent in this area.  Whether you are pressed for time to buy or sell or whether you have no deadlines and just want to get started, I would very much like to meet you.

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About Fripp Island

Fripp Island or also known as just Fripp is a 6.546 sq mi (16.954 km²) barrier island located along the Atlantic coast of the lowcountry part of South Carolina. It is about 21 miles from Beaufort, 96 miles south of Charleston, and 65 miles north of Savannah, Georgia. Some of the neighboring islands include Hunting Island, Pritchards Island, and St. Helena Island. The island mostly serves as a residential vacation resort, but several hundred people live there year-round. It is also the most seaward of the South Carolina Sea Islands. Fripp is renowned for its resort amenities and natural conservation.

Although it has had several names over its history, the island is presently named after Captain Johannes Fripp, a British sailor charged with protecting the Carolina colony from Spanish attacks. Local folklore and dedicated history have long suspected Fripp to be the location where the pirate Blackbeard had stowed away some of his treasures and bounty.

Due to its distant nature, the island was utilized primarily as a private hunting range for most of its history. In the mid-20th century, completion of bridges connecting Beaufort with nearby Hunting Island State Park, investors looked to develop a residential resort community on Fripp. Upon securing bonds and establishing a public service district, a bridge was built in 1961 that connected Fripp with Hunting Island, U.S. Highway 21, and nearby Beaufort and began to stimulate residential development. Within 10 years, the island had built the Ocean Point Golf Links, a Racquet Club for tennis, a marina, and a variety of homes and condominium units that would serve as the benchmark for development for the next thirty years.

In 1994, the island underwent its final major development phase on its southwestern end. Ocean Creek golf course designed by Davis Love III was built, as well as a new amenities center. Additional housing styles were offered and the marina was expanded. Though the island will not undergo any future expansion, nearly one-third of the lots on the island remain undeveloped.

Geologically speaking, Fripp Island is considered to be a barrier island. The island is the most seaward of the Sea Islands and forms a de facto cape. Located halfway between Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia along the coast, it is locally positioned between Hunting Island State Park to the north and Pritchards Island to the southwest. A wide marsh and estuarine system separates these islands from the larger St. Helena’s Island to the northwest. The upland acreage of the island is approximately 3,000 acres (12 km2). Fripp has approximately three miles of beachfront along the Atlantic, though some parts of beach are fully submerged at high tide.

Fripp Island is located approximately 20 miles (30 km) from Beaufort and is connected with the city via U.S. 21. Savannah is approximately a 75 minute drive by car while Charleston is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away. Bermuda lies 900 miles (1,450 km) due east of Fripp.

According to the 2000 census, Fripp Island has a year-round primary population of 887 residents. The realistic figure is likely higher than reported because many homeowners consider Fripp Island property as second homes and may spend weeks or months on the island, but do not consider it their primary residence. In summer months the island’s population can rise to about 5,000 due to an increase in visitors.

Fripp Island is a private, gated community, run by the Homeowners’ Association since the mid-1980s. It is not a municipality or a census designated place, though it maintains island operations via a public service district and property owners association. In addition to providing a security force and fire/rescue squad, the island also maintains its own bridges, roads, paths, parks, and beach access routes. Meetings and gatherings are typically held at the Fripp Island Community Centre. An all-faiths chapel is also located nearby.

Most of the island’s trees are loblolly pine, though there are some hardwood live oak and magnolia stands located throughout the island. Spanish moss is a prevalent feature as well.,_South_Carolina